56th Virtual Fighter Wing



Here will display info on all 4 squadron in the 56th Virtual Fighter Wing.

308th Emerald Knights
Here is where the 56th VFW started out. Although we werent the 56th VFW then like we are now, the 308th operated as a RAF squadron with 3 flights. Those flights were the Fighter (Alpha), Fighter BOmber (brovo) and the Bombers (Charlie). As we had jsut started out we were working on Alot of things, like fixing our planes and getting members. The 308th is going to fly these 6 planes listed below
Spitfire 9e 126
F4U-4 Corsair
Pathfinder Mosquito
Hailfax MK3
Since the start of the 56th VFW we have changed the planes to make the 308th into s squadron with 3 flights. These will be the Alpha, Brovo, and Charlie.  Alpha will still fly fighters wich are the Spitfire 9e 126 and the F4U-4 and the brovo flight will fly the Pathfinder Mosquito with some fixed wepons.

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56th Virtual Fighter Wing