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Beckground of the 308th
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My name is Stinky. Im am the Co with the 308th and helped found this squadron and wing. When in school one morning a friend and I decided to make a squad. So we did and called it the 308th Emerald Knights after a group of American pilots who fly british and american planes. They started out in WW2 and fly F-16's for the USAF today. Soon after we got a little forum and a squad email we gained one member. After that we lost slick the co-founder of the 308th. Because of his loss I had to build the Squad on my own. And here we are today with about 17 pilots.
Today all 3 creators of all in the squadron. Slick has offered to be doing what we call groundwork and will do his service there. Redneck is back and owns CFS3 now and has no internet yet but he will sometime in May or June


308th Emerald Kngihts

308th Emerald Knights